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The Twin Flame experience is the meeting of another person who awakens within you a spirituality and a sense of being alive that is unlike anything experienced previously. It is often experienced as a transcendental "oneness" with God, yourself, and the other person. Mortal time becomes irrelevant. The two seem to know each other immediately and intuitively, and can continue to correspond off and on throughout a lifetime as though no time has passed at all. Life begins to be measured in terms of experiences, rather than years, after meeting a Twin Flame. The sense becomes that even when physically separated, a twin no longer feels alone on the planet. This bond can be experienced to such an intensity that it can feel like one twin's soul is inhabiting the body of the other, sharing the flesh.

The intensity of the connection often sends the Twins (TF's) into a tailspin following a brief experience of heaven on earth. This period can be considered a time of refining, during which each twin begins a task of identifying and confronting individual demons (read: unhealthy or self-defeating traits, beliefs, flaws, etc.) If utilized correctly, these trials can work to lead each individual toward greater balance. Developing wholeness as an individual - and not two halves making a whole - is the goal of the TF experience. This goal can be likened to that of the Buddhist concept of obtaining Nirvana and the Christian concept of earthly rebirth into a transcendental state.
Tales describing the Twin Flame experience - without utilizing the label of such - abound in both literature and music, and with varying outcomes.
by shannadawn November 06, 2013
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