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In it's modern incarnation, the Tuscaloosa Triple Play is nothing more than a good night with a lady, giving it to her in all three holes, hence the "triple play". This speaks to the standard of mediocrity strived for by the current generation; nobody wants to work for anything anymore and do it right. If they can't do something, they merely change the requirements to something more attainable and celebrate that in triumph. It's the "everybody gets a ribbon" generation. For those looking to turn the original Tuscaloosa Triple Play, they'll have their work cut out for them. It's still dipping your wick in three different orifices, giver's choice, but on three different targets: Woman, Man, and Animal. Only the brave save the oral for the animal.
I went to see my friend the other day and his mom stopped by with the cutest little basset hound that was giving me the eyes. When all was said and done I had turned a Tuscaloosa Triple Play
by dmacrae80 February 28, 2013
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