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A sandwich inspired by Happy Day's "The Fonz" and his girlfriend Leather Tuscadero. "Tuscadero sandwich" was a phrase Peter on Family Guy used in Season 1, to describe Fonz and Leather having intercourse. Some kids in New York decided to invent a literal Tuscadero Sandwich. It is served hot on a hero, with Roast Beef, Red Peppers and Provolone cheese. Kids in the western part of Suffolk County NY particularly Port Jefferson Station and Cold Spring Harbor prefer the Tuscadero on rye bread, with Russian dressing. Several other variants throughout the tri-state area are known.
Guy 1: "Eh, want to go down to the deli and grab a Tuscadero sandwich?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, just let's not do it on Rye like those wierd kids from Cold Spring Harbor."

Guy 3: punches jukebox

The Beatles Revolver starts playing

Deli Owner: "Ehh!!!!!"

Guys: "Ehhh!!!!"
by noo yawkur February 08, 2011
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