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A Turleen is easy to spot,lank,greasy hair, huge foopa and a whoppa choppa are hallmark traits. Turleens are proud of their fashion sense and prefer to display their ho trinity in the vain attempt to attract another baby daddy. They usually have 3 or more snotty faced young-uns attached to various portions of their anatomy and one crotch muffin is generally still chewing on her flappy baps while she sucks on a cancer stick and chugs a keystone.

Turleens breed early and often due to a genetic inability to understand how a condom functions and also an ingrained fear that Darwins Law might be invoked at any time. They prefer close relatives but when "they gits ta itch in theys stench trench" they are more than willing to put out for KFC coupons with any Joe Dirt that comes along. Turleens may be unable to positively identify the donor(s) of their children due to excessive sharing of their loose meat sandwich.
They are attracted to skinny twitchy men with assne and goatees covered in jailhouse art or beer-gutted crackas sporting ape drapes and moobs. Their dates commonly have names like Snake or Kong to offset their dickette.

Turleens use a primitive form of English know as mush mouth mainly consisting of "ya know" and " I din't unnderstan' whut ya done tole me"
They are often found at auto repo sales, trailer parks and brawling in front of their crack shack next to the yard car. They tend to frequent 7-11 in the wee hours to pick up another maddog 40 to keep the tweek going.

Turleens love walmarting on the first of every month otherwise known as mothers day. They love shopping for bargains for their prost-a-tots with their white trash visa. They sometimes make extra money pimping the inbred pit bull chained in their backyard, selling stolen cars or cooking meth.

Turleens rarely own dishes because they "keeps endin' up unner ta bed and attractin' more roaches". They are obsessive drama whores who constantly snivel about how hard "they life be". They are almost always fundies who couldn't win a debate with a rock but "it don' bother them none 'cause they know they is right".

They are proud of how ignant they are and make it a point to stay dumber than dog shit no matter what. All attempts to educate are defeated because their head is too far up their ass to hear anything. A Turleen never works at anything harder than pooping out another welfare check which leaves her plenty of time to get online and torture strangers with the craptacular details of their piss-poor springer life.
Check out that Turleen in the wifebeater looking for a new baby daddy, what a skidmark.
by Tara S. April 09, 2007
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