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The act of performing oral sex on a girl and then vomiting freshly consumed chili into her hatchet wound. This is an intentional act and to be performed properly, you must seal the lips around the opening of the vagina so as to form an airtight seal. You then fill the lucky girls lady parts with burning hot chili vomit. Then with her belly inflated, you violently strike the abdomen, with a two handed hammer strike, similar to spiking a volleyball, spraying yourself with the chili vagina vomit. This, mixed with the small chili particulate matter, acts as an abrasive cleaning solution, similar to Orange Clean commonly used by mechanics.
Bro, so I was going down on this girl after I had just ate some really old chili. I had just changed the oil in my car, and even after scrubbing with a bar of Dove soap, it just was not cutting it. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to grace this girl with the Turkish Dragon Bath. My skin has never been so exfoliated afterwards, but I kinda don't think she's gonna lift the restraining order she took out.
by Bud Outback April 08, 2013
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