(pronounced Tur-keed) A Drunk, Wasted, or Intoxicated state of mind combined with either hilarious, annoying & unpredictable behavior.

Turked out and turkeyed out can be used interchangeably, with the "out" portion of the phrase being completely and utterly optional.
Someone who is "turkeyed out" is referred to as either a turkey dog, or simply, a turkey.

When speaking to a turkey (dog), the name Turk, as in Turk Schonert, former offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, can and should be used in place of that person's actual first name.
Check out Jeff trying to text with his eyes closed. Man, he's all turkeyed out.

Oh boy, Shane's up on the roof doin' the turkey dance, he's feelin' it.

Max, you were being such a fuckin' turkey dog last night. After we chugged the Carlo Rossi you tried to steal Karson's scooter and take it on a joyride. Nice goin, Turk.
by GreenJeans1 November 9, 2009
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