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Commonly assoctiated with the anus, or more specifically the sphincter that cuts the turds. See also turd cutter

More specifically pertaining to the digestive system wherein raw materials (food) come in at one end of a production line and go out as a finished product (turds) at the other. The mouth, tongue, and teeth act as the gathering function of production. The stomach is where the materials for production are prepared for manufacturing. The upper intestines are the production line where the finished product is made and the lower intestines serve as a location for product storage and incubation while the product waits to ship. The anus or sphincter itself acts as the shipping department.
Seth: I'm taking applications to work at my turd factory. I have an opening in the shipping department.

Kevin: What the fuck is a turd factory.

Seth: That's not important, the important thing is that I need someone to work really hard in my shipping department. I can handle all the receiving at my turd factory, but I really can't manage all the shipping.

Kevin: What if i wanted to receive instead of ship?

Seth: No, no. I'm really, really good at receiving. I see you as more of a shipper.

Kevin: You don't sound very convincing.

Seth: Okay. Tell you what. We can work things out. Sometimes I'll receive and sometimes you can.

Kevin: No thanks. I'll think I'll look for a different job.
by WTF Dictionary July 11, 2012
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