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Depending on the context, a "turd embargo" is:

1) A total inability to defecate (i.e. shit) for an extended period of time, or under normal circumstances, because your body has decided to halt the manufacture and exportation of magic butt fudge. Typically caused by diet, drugs, or existential angst. Also known as "severe constipation";


2) Deliberate and systematic exclusion of a specific person from social gatherings because they are obnoxious, loud, creepy, or otherwise socially undesirable, i.e. a "turd".
(Example 1): "Hey Jackhole, there's only 1 bathroom in this bar, and you're holding it up. So take some damned Ex-Lax ; lift the turd embargo!"

(Example 2): "Dude, why didn't you invite my brother to this party?!"

"Because he literally FUCKED my X-Box at the last party, in front of everyone - no foreplay, no lube, not even a god-damn reacharound. It hasn't worked right since then, so he's under a permanent turd embargo."
by Admiral Viggo September 20, 2016
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