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A slightly conservative school with a mostly white population. Among the usual groups of preps, emos, jocks, etc. there is also rednecks, so that is unique. Less drugs/crimes/fights then most high schools. chewing tabaco is left in the drinking fountains all of the time though. an ok party life. academics are good. spirit assemblies happen almost every week, so that can get very annoying. school spirit is stressed in this school. also, for some reason, there is a very good sense of humor in this school.
"how about lets go to dairy queen or something because i don't want to go to another tumwater high school assembly, holy shit"

"yeah tumwater high school! yeah tbirds!"

"i am 6 chapters behind in ap world history for the exam in may because of all of these assemblies in tumwater high school that shorten the class times"

"fuck this assembly, i'm leaving tumwater high school to go home"

"hey a redneck at tumwater high school"
by askjhfkljsacesa December 06, 2010
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