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Tumblr Fakemous people are those who promise to make other Tumblr users "famous" through some sort of deceptive promotion. This promotion serves only to make THEM famous, not the other users. The fame they achieve has nothing to do with their blog quality, who they are, their appearance, or anything else. They achieve massive Follower numbers only by promising to make other Tumblr members famous, getting them to Reblog fake Promos and using viral schemes to rack up massive followers.
It is EASY to tell who is Tumblr Fakemous. Anyone who posts a Promo that says "REBLOG" or "Click Yes" or "No Likes - reblogs only". If it says these things, it is a FAKE SCAM run by a Tumblr Fakemous person.
Here are two Tumblr Fakemous examples I have seen recently (there are many every day):

naturallybrunete: "Wanna Be Famous? Reblog This, click the image and click YES!"

(does nothing whatsoever except give the fakemous person another Follower... and you reblogged it so they can get a thousand MORE followers... you damn sucker hahaha)


int0xication: "Want Me (tumblr famous person) To Follow You and make you famous? Click Here and Click Yes!"

(okay so he just got another Follower, oh and just because you WANT him to Follow you and make you famous, doesn't mean he'll do it - joke's on you sucker! hahaha)
by fakes_are_failures March 23, 2012
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