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A person who is one of the worst kinds of tumblr users known. They tend to be easily offended and are sjw's. The kind that will not be afraid to call anyone who doesn't agree with them racist,sexist,homophobic and etc. Typically dyes their hair an unnatural color while claiming they're not "like the other guys/girls" or is a " rebel of society". usually wears some overly glorified Japanese anime outfit that no normal person can figure out what it means. Usually self identifies as anything but straight or one of the many made up "genders" that spawned from various tumblr blogs. Loves the word "ignorant" and loves the phrase "get educated" to silence out opposition to over sensitive mindset.
Tumblr Fag: You ignorant white,sexist, cis privileged piece of trash! It is not your place to use such hate speech that could hurt someone's feelings! Scum like you should go back to school to learn how to frickin treat people instead of blindly listening to your conservative, Fox News loving daddy! Go sleep with your sister you homophobic me from-aggresser!

Sane Being: B*tch leave me alone! Go back to your hole
*mutters Tumblr Fag...
by NoFlorida July 14, 2015
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Boring anti-social rejects who instead of spending their time taking pictures of their own, sit on their indie ass and reblog other peoples pictures. A tumblrfag can be found lurking at a party and laughing with their internet friends while everyone else is socializing in real life.
"Hey, do you have tumblr?"
"No i'm not a tumblrfag"

"Hey, do you like tumblr?"
"No I'm not a cunt"
by tumblrfag101 August 17, 2011
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