One of the hardest schools to get into in the US, Tufts University had a 14% acceptance rate in 2018. To put that in perspective Harvard is at 6%, Cornell is at 11%, and NYU is at 20%. Arguably a t-20, it's academic peers are UMich, Emory, Brandeis, and UCLA.

The typical student at Tufts took the hardest classes available at their High School, and got a mix of "A"s and "A-"s. Tufts student are fairly affluent (because of the incredibly high tuition), white, quirky, nerdy, and probably jewish. One of the things that sets Tufts apart from other schools is that students at Tufts tend to be all about saving the world, as opposed to making money. students tend to be a little weird, but really nice!

Nationwide, Tufts has a reputation for being a school for "Ivy Rejects". This partially comes from the fact that it's in a city with Harvard and MIT, and it's hard to compete with these schools. Although Tufts is many students first choice (it was my first choice, I applied ED!) lot's of students end up here when they get rejected by their first choice school (usually Brown) and end up here. It's known for its pre-med program, and is world-renowned for it's School of International Relations, the Fletcher School. It also has an engineering program that is surprisingly good.

If I had to describe Tufts in terms of other schools, I would call it a Northern Emory, Brown but a little easier to get in, and Brandeis but a little harder to get in.
I went to Tufts University for undergrad, studied international relations, then went to Harvard Law School and became a Judge.
by Jerry1258482 December 30, 2019
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