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Two wildly homosexual morning show radio personalities on FM96 in Lovely London Ontario. These two gents ( one Ginger and one Balding self absorbed gringodick ) spin the same old mundane prepackaged rock that makes you want to take a 5/8" drill bit, insert it into a cordless drill, lock it in place, pull the trigger and jam it in your ear, and push that sucker as hard as you can into your brain until you can't hear them or Ozzy Osborne 47.638 times per day anymore.
If for some unfortunate reason you survive this mind soothing drilling excersize and can still hear the redundant so called embarrassing jokes you've heard all week, you can catch them and their same sex lovemaking live on stage at any number of summer rock festivals in the Forest City.
Walter "Hey guys, did you hear Tucker and Taz this morning on FM96?"

Most People "No, why would I want to listen to that self righteous crap?"

Walter "No, no, it was really, really funny, Taz was talking about poop again"

Most People "Oh ya poop again.........Too bad I missed it"

Walter "Yeah it's too bad you did"

Most People "I am going to hurt you....Bad"
by CheeseDumpies January 27, 2011
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