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Rhyming slang for "massive boner." We're talking the kind that rips your trousers and/or boxers clean off, breaks a window and pokes an old lady across the street in the eye.

(This is one of the very few rhyming slang phrases which does not actually rhyme with its counterpart.)
A: "Oh my god! I've just been hit in the face by a California redwood!"

B: "Nah, it's just some guy's Trystrem Harrison. You'll want to have a wash."


A: "Hey ladies, check out my Trystrem Harrison!"


A: "What the hell's going on!?! The front wall of your house is missing, your cat looks like it was run over by a tank, twelve lamp posts have been torn out of the ground and I've just heard that there's been an earthquake in Lithuania which registered 9.3 on the Richter scale!!"

B: "It was my Trystrem Harrison, just can't keep that bad boy under control these days."

A: "Standard."
by GuntherTheLion2010 February 07, 2010
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