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when your at a party and A)wasted,shitfaced B)horny C)tripping on thizz D)bored as hell! or a combo of any of these :) It involves a jenga game with a "truth" or "dare" written on each block! Just like normal jenga you take turns drawing blocks, but instead of immediatley putting them back you do the action or answer the question on it! Then you proceed to put it back on top and make that awesome and crazy tower!

If for some (odd) reason you're being a pussy and decide not to do or answer it you have to chug a beer or take shot or hit!
Some examples of Truth or dare Jengas are:
-cuddle with the person on your(left/right/across from you/closest to your age/most drunk..WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT!)

-Streak outside
-Drunk dial an ex
-Lick something
-recieve a wedgie
-recieve a dutch oven
-trade clothes
-have people draw on you

on the other hand..some TRUTHS
-what is your favorite sex position
-tell the person you think is hottest that you do
-how many people have you had sex with
-favorite band that you don't wanna admit
-say a fear
by Du Blahst mich! October 27, 2009
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