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I don't think any one uses it any more. Everyone wants some Rep @ the table first! Truth is the idea/d of whose argument is greater, more powerfull and seductive now a days.
I see alot of guys/girls here trying to make an impression upon thier charactures.
This is what she/he may be thinking. "Love is the most Retorical question in life."Kg~ Thats my thought on it.
With love: Tragity'i.e.,Truths for girls/guys with the butterflies: This is just a few variations of relationship situations. Hope it helps people:)
'Unique,' I have two children I'm so proud of. They are the most beautiful inoccent parts of me. I've not seen much of the world yet, in person I've spent many years of my life helpin friends w/ odd jobs. Geek, nerd, sped, level head, that just likes to see the better side of everything wanting to be wrong. I personaly said many story's like him, to hear him get that giggle @ night. (his laugh gave me butterlies in my stomach)Didn't sleep well for yrs without hearing his voice.
I love to write about abnormal/paranormal ideas
I've seen some crazy s**t in life.
Truth for girls/guys with butterflies I've been in love since 2000,' w/ a ramdom phone call and a music lyric lists, a photo album @ his house with a matching couch. Many long talks to sleep. He listen to me sing my daughter to sleep sometimes.

this guy was gunnin' and trying everything he could say to bed me. I was at fault of the same. He never cared to know: I loved to play guitar, and saw in his eyes he was so much like me it was sureal. heart to cook wacky dinners.
What should have also been said: I'm sad that I/we cheated. Spoke not even friend worthy things. That was selfish of both of us. I/we miss the fact that a guy/girl were best friends and I/we didn't even tell him/her who u/we/I realy were. I study arctitecture, acoustic guitar, filming, sound dubbing, the sky's light dimples at night i.e. stars(explodind gasses in people create laughs too). It has been my interest since I was 12. I love to be out learning, so I understand the world and don't just have an idea about it. I hate that I wanted to kiss him. Tell him to not get in the car because he was the first man that I loved. But, in Truth, what would be the point, he said we were raised on the right side of the river but i'd be better off without him. NO I"M Not! "average" Women think, favorite color is silver, aqua, blue, lilac. My favorite smell is that of the stargazer lilly, fresh magnolia, next to lemongrass. Any othr truths or questions should be at a table with juice, coffee, tea, or spirits.
by Dn'tpubthisDef..lethimr33d December 07, 2009
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