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The Trumpet Tree is found primarily in South American countries such as Panama. It grows naturally and almost everywhere in those areas. The name comes from the leaves: They grow outwards, forming a shape like the bell of a trumpet. For years, they have used certain ingreediants from the leaves for asthma medications. It is also a very popular plant for the sloths to eat in these countries. When the leaves are dried and smoked, the effect has been decribed as similar to marijuana. The natives of Panama describe it as a euphoric and relaxed feeling, that resembles marijuana and a minute of alcohol at the same time. Although it seems fine to be using, the leaves are high in toxins and it is very easy to overdose. Some Canadians have died due to use of the leaves...
"Some of those kids from B.C. ingested that Trumpet Tree from Panama and overdosed!"

"Come and smoke some dried trumpet leaves with me!"

by Colimon November 30, 2007
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