Basically the two options of an immigrant to get fucked by the orange species of human kind, aka. Trumpinator:
1. Getting banned
2. Marring him

Either way you're screwed.
Greg: Dude why tf is Melania Trump still married to this scumbag?
Paul: Man, it's trumped or trumped

Rip af Melina
by HugeCockLittleBrainAndy February 01, 2017
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When you find out your women is leaving you for someone else so, you ball gag and blind fold her in the nastiest hotel you can find. Then invite your old fraternity buddies to run a train on her till she bleeds red white and blue. Then trash the whole hotel room so it looks like it was broken into but record the whole thing for social media purposes..
by Alissa Underaban January 07, 2021
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