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Trump Infatuation Syndrome (TIS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their infatuation of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reasoning.

Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from sudden outbursts screaming MAGA, to a complete mental break. TIS can also often result in the sufferer exhibiting sexist/racially motivated violent outbreaks, homicidal, or even genocidal desires.

Paranoia is also a common symptom of TIS. Sufferers have been known to believe that they are in some way being persecuted through a deep state shadow government. This does not change their admiration for narcissistic authoritarian leaders and their repudiation for any check against the abuse of power.

If properly treated, suffers of TIS can make a full recovery. Treatment includes a reduction or complete elimination of Fox News, an understanding of science and reasoning, and talking to minority members of society.
Person 1: Did you hear about that meeting in Trump tower between Trump Jr and a Kremlin connected lawyer.

Person 2: That's just the deep state using the FBI to impeach Trump.

Person 1: Oh really? But didn't Trump Jr. admit to the meeting?

Person 2: The media really are the enemy of the people.

Person 1: Sounds like you have Trump Infatuation Syndrome.
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by PowerfulTruth July 22, 2018
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