Someone who always gives their all in everything they do. Continually strives to get ahead soley for the benefit of those they love. Even if it means working two full time jobs. A person that never turns a blind eye to someone in need and does there best to help even when they are not asked for help. A person that is there for you no matter what. You can depend on them 24-7 365 and they will never say no to you unless they are obligated to something else. The kind of person that can make even the angriest person smile at the time of fury. Every life they touch in any way will improve with at least some significance. A person who treats people like people and animals like animals not the other way around. A person who when they commit to something will always follow through and never let you down. Someone who will always accept responsibility for what they've done but NEVER expect credit or praise for who they are. A person who is kind, caring, empathetic, honest, moral, genuine, communicative, understanding, compromising, charitable, calming to be around, an amazing listener and never judging.
Everyone loves Paul because he's a true humanitarian.
by AngryCPET October 28, 2018
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