One who tailgates with chucky and godpop, catches his own fish, doesnt eat grouper sauce picante (whatever that is), has no idea how to operate a sailboat, has well-groomed hair (no ponytails) and doesn't cause the Tigers to lose games.

In other words, one not like LFM.
Godpop: Chucky, who is that at our tailgate over there?

Chucky: you mean the guy over there with the pony tail and sailing shoes on?

Godpop: yeah, that's him.

Chucky: that's LFM, not a true tiger fan...did I mention that he buys fish from a fish monger, eats grouper sauce picante AND eats muffs on french bread.

Godpop: Chucky, he must like to sword fight other guys...

Chucky: yeah, he asked me about eating some of our JAMbalaya, I told him i have no idea what he is talking about.

Godpop: That LFM isnt a true tiger fan.
by GeauxTigers September 5, 2007