1. HBO series written by Alan ball - based on the sookie stack house / southern vampire series by Charlaine Harris.

(airs sundays at 9m)

2. Synthetic bottled blood manufactured by Japan which allowed vampires to "come out of the coffin" and mainstream into society by enabling them to exist / feed without being a threat to humans. "True Blood" is the most popular brand. (premise for books and show)
1. "True Blood is the best series on television."

2." The vampire sat down at the bar and ordered a bottle of O+ true blood."
by fangtasia June 15, 2010
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SIUC's dining hall by brush towers. It's much like a salvation army for the food indusrty. It's charitable cause is to leave no food uneaten, no matter how nasty or old it may be.
Zach: dude, I'm hungry. Lets go to Trueblood.
Bayley: ok, fine. Just lemme grab the antiacids....
by Bayley and Zach September 30, 2007
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