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trudgery - truhdge-ary(noun)
the state or condition one feels after getting a two, or two and a half hour sleep,
and then going to school,
working to stay awake through the classes,
grocery shopping
and carrying the groceries home through the snowy unshoveled sidewalks.
Tuesdays often are full of trudgery.
by S-gurl November 15, 2006
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The exhausting experience of trudging through piles of snow to get to where you need to go. Trudgery is highly effortful and has a negative effect on mood. Unplowed sidewalks, heavy bags, early mornings, severe winds, and non-waterproof footwear can all heighten one's sense of trudgery.
"Ugh, two feet of snow fell last night, and I had to get to class by 8:30am. The sidewalks were a mess. I'm exhausted; it was complete trudgery."
by orangejoyce March 26, 2017
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