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Truck Fight Club
A group of highschool students who drive trucks,often referred to as douchebags and fags. Their english is very poor and therefore hard to understand. Other people are often referred to as "jimmy." By day they drive their trucks around pointlessly revving their engines, squealing their tires and smoking cigarretes and drinking beer in the high school parking lot hours after school. At night they drive around drunk and frequently set fire to a pile of tires and kill cats with pitch forks. They frequently prey on unsuspecting girls with low confidence promissing them fun parties which are always either at a hunting camp or beside a pile of burning tires. These girls are referred to as groupies. Once one becomes a groupie they become a lifetime member as it is impossible for them to quit.
Rip roarin'
"holy fuck Jimmy"
Who are those fags hacking darts in their truck, oh its truck fight club.
by fight club disliker December 22, 2006
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