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Tropical priests are magical trolls that a very needy. They need to be caressed frequently and require a lot of attention. They tend to carry asbestos flagons with water dessert in it. They speak with high pitched voices and are commonly located in the Virgin islands. Tropical priests tend to scream “tuts mah barreh!” because their evolutionary master has trained them to do so. They tend to have very sexy goatees that smell of coconuts and fresh lemonade. And their voices are absolutely magnificent, somewhat like the birds song at the break of dawn in the fresh spring air. Their english isn’t proper, so bear with them.
"I want you to caress me like a tropical priest."
“He’s just like a tropical priest, he never lets me leave his side.”
“My girlfriend was screaming ‘tuts mah barreh!’ last night. Could it be that she is really a tropical priest in disguise? Her english is not very good.”
by GrimmLove June 07, 2012
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