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Person that make new video in youtube that is a clown instead of a troller. You showing off yourself such as your self that can't troll. Newbie that is childish not a member. You are ten time an idiot that have no troll in your mind just childish joke that think is troll.

NewbIe: Hey john!

John: Yes!

Newbie: When you are done I have something for ya!

John: Alright bruh!

Newbie: (Silently Laugh like a immature child)

John: ( Come out his bed where he was just texting. Opens the door?)

Newbie: Spray his eyes kick his balls his phone that he just wasted on that is brand new. Falls on the floor and cracked horribly. Newbie new he had a phone on his hand. He didn't care because he wanted to troll him to make him rage. And while john is on the floor he also dye's his hair. And newbie run so childish that he sound like a girly monkey that laugh so hard. And John got up and gets out the door with a huge temper saying. What the fuck you fucking childish piece of shit! YOU FUCKING CHILD!!! YOU BROKE MY FUCKING PHONE YOU SCUMBAG IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT!!! Newbie: Bro chill out is just a joke! Wtf dude! Chill out you are recorded in youtube bruh! Chill man! John grab him. Give him the KO.

Or showing off in video just to fit in Troll.
Troll Impersonator: New people that are not part of the Troll face member that are joking like an ignorant failure. Or Stupidity Adult that act like a Teen that act like a child instead of trolling.
by Troll Face Shawn May 21, 2016
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