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The act of giving a condom to your friend as a gift and then using the same condom to have sex with his or her roommate the same night.

The condom can also be substituted with alcohol or any other tangible item but must be used without the person the gift was bought for and used the same night the gift was given.
Girl 1: Happy birthday! (hands Boy 1 a condom)
Boy 1: Haha. Thanks. Always need these right.

4 hours later

Boy 1: Hey Roommate 1. Have you seen that condom Girl 1 gave me tonight?
Roommate 1: Oh, you mean the one you got for your birthday?
Boy 1: Yeah
Roommate 1: Oh...(rubbing back of head)...yeah...I definitely used that tonight when I was having sex with Girl 1.
Boy 1: (Blank stare) Talk about a Trojan Indian Gift.
by One For The Angels February 14, 2011
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