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a Troggy Lauro is an inhumane life form which is often misconstrude for either a sheep raping paeodophile (seen only by the criminally insane; if you see it, seek help, you crazy mother fucker), or a 5 ft 7 Irishmen with platinum blonde/blue spiky hair. Either way, a Troggy Lauro is extremely life threatening, so ensure to smack them round the face with a baseball bat if you see one. If you do not have a baseball bat, a kick in the bollocks is acceptable, too.
"Oh shit, there's a Troggy Lauro!"

Sheep 1: "baa, baa, BAAA, ba..."
"Oh yeahhhh!"
Sheep 2: "Ah man, mama's got a Troggy Lauro!"
by Ginger Joker August 17, 2009
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