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A private Catholic girls school established in 2012. virtually impossible to get in to. Located in the only Republican part of New Jersey. Students wear jewelry worth more than your average college tuition. Unacceptable actions include plagiarism, and wearing sweatpants to class. Everyone thinks Trinity Hall students are gay, however, that is only half true. INSANELY GOOD AT FUNDRAISING IT'S SCARY! Once inside the school, you realize its more of a cult, rather than an educational institution. Most students are, in some way shape or form, mentally unstable. The staff and student body radiates extreme crack head energy. The school excels in athletics, especially swim, track, and XC. Students get into amazing colleges. Oh, and the tuition is $21,000 USD a year.
"Are you taking the Trinity Hall entrance exam?"
" Not sure. I don't know if I can handle it"
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by THstudent1 March 21, 2019
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Where the 2022 girls are really annoying and talking ab how drunk they get, they vape in the bathrooms and eat a lot. The girls often where expensive jewelry and act like it’s no big deal. And carry around backpacks as expensive as jewelry. All the rich bitches go there and make the poorer girls feel terrible ab themselves. The teachers at trinity usually don’t care ab food problems. And the classrooms smell terrible after lunch. All the girls talk to cbgay boys and it makes me wanna throw up.
“Have u heard ab those trinity hall girls”
“Yeah they are rich bitches all right”
by Urtypicalteenagegirl April 29, 2019
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