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The polar opposite of “tally wacker.” It should be used sparingly, and only to describe the smallest of cocks (the midgets of the penis race if you will.)

The term "trilly willy" originated in northeastern New England back in the early 80's. During swim class a slightly overweight, beautiful blue-eyed boy got his swimming trunks pulled to his ankles by notorious schoolyard bully Dane Thompson. While the girls, still dripping wet, pointed and laughed the Phys. Ed. teacher Nigel Williamson (an immigrant from Great Britain) looked on with curious arousal while pointing out what he referred to as "the young chap's 'trilly willy'."
Stinky-Dinkins' trilly willy has penetrated the slumbering Wopat.
by Stinky-Dinkins December 02, 2004
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