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The trill zone is a sacred place. It is located anywhere, at any given time and consists of only the trillest people alive, generally those born in Texas. That said, the trill zone is also very dangerous. At any moment things can go from perfectly fine to horrible at the drop of a dime. One minute you are having the time of your life and the next minute you are getting fried so hard that you literally feel your skin sizzle. It is also not uncommon to have your entire family tree disgraced by jizzing, veiny dick drawings, generally in the shade of yellow, or pink. Often times you will hear talks of automobiles, mainly of the BMW make, and how they are the "ultimate driving machine". The trill zone generally consists of one annoying person that is there simply to amuse himself at the expense of others, usually Monday through Friday during business hours.
I was in the trill zone earlier and shit got REAL. Dude got fried so hard that they couldn't even recognize him anymore!
by Vonzanni November 14, 2013
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