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(n) an ironically and tragically named fish born to a Mama Grizzly with irreparable mental damage that struggles through life only to leap from the water and be eaten by aformentioned Mama Grizzly and chased by a warm cup of tea.

Eating a Triggy Fish can lead to bloated self-importance, idiotic and alienating thoughts, a desire to "tea-bag" strangers who don't agree with your views, diarrhea of the mouth, and double standards. Side effects are easily contagious via Twitter and can spread more easily to children in cold climates that can enjoy views of Russia from their homes.
I took my friend to the hospital after eating a Triggy Fish because he started rambling about evil Kenyan-rooted Socialism and how awesome it'd be to shoot endangered wolves from helicopters while rambling about how we should seceed from the US. The doctor gave him 2 doses of 'Wakethefuckup' pills and he was better the next day.
by mooseranger December 08, 2010
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