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Much like the term "bi-curious," except the term is rooted in South American native tribes where young boys suck the tribal elder's cocks as a means of becoming a man. Most likely these boys are heterosexual, but the culture is set up so that they have no problem sucking down another man's semen. In fact, this semen supposedly holds a sort of "life-force" that is only to be kept amongst other men. In these tribes, women only get to receive the sweet, illusive semen if the couple is attempting to procreate. If not, sorry ladies!!! Dudes only!!!
1: Hey Flies with Eagles, are you thinking about taking down Chief Crouching Bear's cum pretty soon?
2: Fuck yeah, after all, that's the only way to becoming a man...
3: But you like women, so doesn't that make you bi-curious?
4: No dumbass, I have to do it. That just makes me tribe curious.
by Strimerino June 25, 2007
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