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Refers derogatively to Caucasian men who date Asian women. The phenomenon of this interracial coupling is that nearly always an obese or scrawny Caucasian man--who consistently rejected by his Causcasian female counterparts--is involved in a relationship with an equally unattractive, and often fobby, Asian woman. The white man, often a Japanophile, usually seeks for an Asian woman who fulfills the American stereotype of the meek, submissive, yielding Asian woman; she is an ideal fit as she is the only person who would date him and is also someone who would not post a threat to his fragile--often nerdy--manhood. The jest in the term is derived from the perception that these Caucasian men are often seen as Trashcan Men, in that they always pair up with the most unattractive Asian women, thereby clearing up the dating pool for Asian Men. Term of largely Southern Californian origin and usage, where there are significant Asian enclaves in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Bay areas.
Grey's Anatomy's actress Sandra Oh is married to a trashcan man.
by Eugene Willis October 01, 2006
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