The time period in which to escape the friend zone (transfer out). The deadline is normally within one month after meeting someone. Transfer season reoccurs after every break up, when a new window of opportunity arises.
Jennifer met Andrew on the first of September during freshers week. It got to October the 3rd. Andrew was yet to make a move. Therefore he had missed the transfer season (he was stuck in the friend zone for the indefinite future). Jennifer started dating Harvey not long after, soon it was serious. A year later the relationship ended. Signifying the start of the next transfer season for Andrew.
by Mr K Flirt. March 9, 2015
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Typically occurring from the actual PL league Fall transfer season till the end of university Freshers period.

This season sees men, (typically of an ethnic background) piping white girls on an increased basis.

White girl transfer season can also be used to describe girls who do not belong to the black ethnic group ( use sparingly).
Guy A: Fam I Afronation and carni were both dead this year, didn't even secure a single igbo girl.

Guy B: Rah that's peak, but its calm tho white girl transfer season is upon us.

Guy A: You're right, mums you'll see me bag a couple fiat 500's.
by _kai August 29, 2019
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