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Trans-Pittsford Highway (aka Mendon Center Road) is a North-South road. People from Mendon Center use this road to pass through Pittsford as quickly as possible on their way to all points North. The road’s posted speed limit ranges from 40 to 50 mph depending on the section, though people typically go 55 to 60 mph on the road. At one point, just past the swamp (aka Autumn Woods development), one must screech to a halt as Pittsford soccer moms turn onto the highway from Barker Road at 10 mph and then turn off again a few hundred feet later at Willard (as in the rat) Road, again at 10 mph. Pittsford wouldn’t be so bad if you could just pass through it more quickly. All those little boxes tend to make Mendonians ill.
“I hate those Pittsford soccer moms. They pull out onto the Trans-Pittsford Highway in front of oncoming traffic and then drive incredibly slowly. It's almost as if they are daring us, "hit me, hit me.”
by Lance369 January 12, 2014
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