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This comes from the world of Black Oops. It is a process of where DNA changes in human. Often the suject humans DNA has been changed or activated in a way where the humans are subjected to a full transformation into another type of being. The human often have abilitys in the first place. But once subjected to being altered in a lab or via other. The suject will have a more of an inhancement. The change can also be in tranforming into a being that can crow up to 10 feet high, to changing into something akin to that resembling that of a creature known or unknown. These subjects are used in Black opps on and of world work and with in special forces. Other types are reptilian hyberisation or cross breeds. This includes vampireism and zombie which is a different type of trans Morphing activated through virus points done through labs over the centuries. Reptilian, Vampireism and Zombie has a bace animal agression unlike there counter parts which have a full control of DNA activation via labs and or blood lines and or other. This altering of Humans goes geno goes back to Egypt and through the east and on to Europe and in the Ameria's. Trans Morphing is a common definition in under ground bases and labs. On the other side of the coin trans morphing can be in breed into families.
Trans Morphing: Altered DNA activation done through Labs on human subjects for special opps. Example would MILABS abductions done via the military industral complex operated on a Global Alliance via space command.

Trans dimensional: This is related to the Dark occults and UFO boundies. Where the persons are transformed and controlled via un seen forces. Where with UFOs are concerned there is direct envolement on the part of the abductors to change the person for reasons unknown to the abductie.
Family in Blood lines: Familys that have a DNA that is pasted on that enable the person or persons to trans Morph.
Vampire, Zombie, and warewolf Morphing: is a carried via virus often a rage virus as is the common name however has lab based history behind this covering centures.
Human Hybrids via blood ties: Example Human Reptilian and other kinds. Often carries trans morphing abilitys. Aslso related to some occultic ties.
History covers a wide enough back ground into Trans Morphing but under differnt names over the centuries and eons into human history. Often related with trying to out wit death to turning to another alternative or having being interferred with by direct or indirect means.
by watchers March 19, 2012
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