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a lifestyle of civil disobedience based upon expression of gender non conformity. Utilizing an eclectic mix of pop-culture, philosophy and spirituality the trans punk lifestyle centers on uncompromising self expression based upon where the individual sits within the gender spectrum. A trans punk will wear vibrant colors. Sometimes a trans punk will focus on one color as a form of their self expression, Such as purple. A trans punk individuals focus is on self love and finding the path of self actualization. A trans punk individual avoids violence to express themselves and will go out of their way to help others in need.
β€œLeslie loves to express her transgender nature by wearing color full clothing and dying her hair purple. She is always pushing herself to love more and help others. She seeks spiritual fulfillment from different paths and is always seeking out new experiences. She is proud of who she is and takes ownership self expression. She is the definition of a trans punk individual.”
by Xanthiana Xinn July 11, 2014
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