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The clutch on a manual transmission that is inevitably worn out well before it should be by the inexperienced driver who operates it. This is normally the first clutch that the driver will have ever operated, however, in some cases drivers (female) will go through two or even three clutches before either learning proper operation of the vehicle or scurrying back to an automatic transmission.

The three key bad habits of a person operating a training clutch are as follows:
1. Using the clutch and gas pedal on a hill instead of the center pedal.
2. Excessive use of the clutch while starting in 1st gear or shifting gears. This action causes the engine to rev high (4000rpm) until the clutch is released to the engine bogging at a low RPM.
3. Releasing the clutch too quickly causing the vehicle to stall.
Stopped on a hill at a red light Bob turns to Chris and says "Hey man, why is your engine wound out to 4000RPM?"
Chris replies "Dude, I'm riding the clutch so we don't roll backwards!"
Bob can't believe his ears and blurts out "Woah, Training Clutch!"

by Office Glen November 09, 2007
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