I know alot has already been said about the townie, much of it refering to one perticular strain of them, or as i call them 'crack head pugs'. these are your townies who wear the burberry, fucked up nike 93's, blast tones on the back of the 363 all the way to pugs-ville and worship fiddy bent.ba ba bow. now, quite apart from the crack head pug/townie/kev etc is the straight up PUG. A pug is much more street than the townie and has many recognizable features. shox and mesh(big in the 04), a ten of peng pukka cronick sticky hench dench 1.7 10$ boodah at all times, listens to g rap ranging (all the way?!) from fiddy and wanks to maybe tupac. Pugs must stay absolutely kriss(neat) at all times, and even the slightest smudge on the k-swiss's sends them to the bin. One myth concerning pugs is that they only wear hoods.not true, as pugs have been known to wear sweatshirts. other pugs must haves are the lastest tones and an intimate knowledge of the sizes/shapes of car body's and rims(dazzles). some pug words......
blud/B/G/my man/my dan/cat/starsky/
bits/dollaz/=sterling coins
misc.....init/snef/safe/what u saying b/iree/dat was raw/...........................if you see a pug just say YOW YA GOT A TEN?
grimey pug=london pug
sick pug=ruff, usually a dealer
straight up pug=blinged out, meshed out, hiked up wit the nikes, complete with a pitb
(((anyone notice other groups in society i.e townies, pugs, trance heads, frey skinhead bastards, avril lavigne-a-likes, busted punks, american punks,o.g punks,goths,nu metalers,skaters,r + b ho's, indie rockers, hard rock guys, townie rude gyals )))) peace,props to the dawgs safe cool.
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