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In the Nickelodeon TV series, "The Amanda Show", there was a sketch, where Drake Bell portrayed a dimwitted teen named Kyle. The announcer would say, "From his garage it's Totally Kyle." He would tell random stories, which would usually start with, "One Time"... and then the announcer would say, "And that was Totally Kyle." Then he would play his guitar.

To refer to one as Totally Kyle, he would have to be innocent, dumb and random, and would make random and off topic remarks.
Teacher: "What happened during Sherman's March during the Civil War?"

Jordan: "Oh, one time, we marched in the Macy's day parade and I forgot my underwear."

Erik: "We're studying the Civil War, who do you think you are, 'Totally Kyle?'"
by EmRson on Nov 28, 2009
by ewlfer;wfrwe;k November 28, 2009
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