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A total Karl is a new-age modification of the hot karl by which three men defecate on the face of their partner while a fourth man defecates on her ass, all simoutaneously

There must be a strategic placing of the body for this to be effective.
the partner must be on her back with her legs almost behind her head.

subtracting any amount of members gives it a new title
3 men on the face, one on the ass = total Karl
2 men on the face, one on the ass = Half Karl
1 man on the face, one on the ass = Quarter Karl
subtracting the man defecating on the ass returns this move to a Hot Karl
"dude, my dad told me your mom was the life of the party last night. Him and some of the guys from his softball team gave her a Total Karl"
by cockjarvis November 01, 2009
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