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THM is an extreme version of Holiday Mode, where one feels that it is imperative to do absolutely no work and simply relax and have fun. This is most often applied to those on holiday or those who have been working way too hard for way too long.

There are several reasons for THM, such as long term stress, lack of relax time or work has just become too monotonous and you need a break to get away from it all and rethink your next steps in life.

One does not often mention THM in the presence of figureheads, such as one's boss or parents, however this can apply to just anyone.

Despite the joy that THM brings to oneself, one should be aware of the negative implications that comes with it. A student's grades can plumet as homework and studying is forgotten; and in the case of adults - you could lose your job. Withdrawal symptoms include possible depression as you dive back into work that has accumulated due to negligence from THM. Other side effects experienced while on THM is having to bury a vexed feeling very far behind one's mind as one tries to push away all thoughts of work that still has to be done. Also, when on THM, one often forgets the date, day of the week and (in more prolonged cases) the month.
Hulk: What day is it?

Fred Flintstone: Tuesday.

Hulk: No way! I thought it was Thursday. Wasn't it just Tuesday two days ago?

Fred Flintstone: Nah man, that was a week ago.

Hulk: Oh right. Well I'm on Total Holiday Mode (THM) right now. I worked too hard saving the world one crushing fist at a time last week.
by mariobrothers July 05, 2013
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