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1. When you should be taking something serious but everyone is completely out of control in a silly way.

2. Taking video games more serious than school work.

3. Choosing to play hallway dodgeball rather than study for a midterm or final.

3. Totally blowing off anything important in life just so you can have a good time.
Matt: You super glued his tooth brush holder and deoderant closed?

Sam: this is total clown school.
Rob: Dude, lets play some Super Smash Bros.

Brian: Naw man, I have two papers and a test tomorrow...Fuck it, 99 lives. Lets Go.

Sam: This is total clown school.
Evan: They moved 5 beds into one room and didn't get written up for it?

Sam: This is total clown school.
by Caribou Brown October 20, 2009
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