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The attribute that Daniel Tosh possesses which can turn a man Gay. This is a common sideaffect from watching too much Tosh.O. If you have ever done something that Daniel Tosh does on his show (while naked), you know that you just performed an extremely GAY act, and you can no longer hide from you gayness. This causes one to come out of the closet, and obviously be shunned by his family.
John Travolta: Hey mike, um did you catch tosh.o last tuesday?
Mike: yea i did why?
Travolta: well, i have to tell you something, i have had a pleasure coach stick his head up my ass before...
Mike:wow, well, yeah YOU'RE gay dude.
Travolta: Really? dammit, i hate the Tosh Factor.
by IgotSWAG@Miami_da_U July 30, 2012
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