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The legendary dragon rider in the movie "Avatar".
You see, all these other blue kittehs are riding their fairy dragons. Then during Jake Sully's the chat with secksy blue kitteh, she explains her great grandpappy was Toruk Makto, rider of the badass mega dragon with a badass double head blade as the opposed to the fairy dragon's single head blade. So Jake Sully, some paraplegic white boy, after spending a few weeks with teh blue kittehs, somehow defies everything and butt rapes mega dragon from above, becomes Toruk Makto, unites Pandora against evil human and saves the day.
Turuk Makto
"lets go see Avatar in 3D"
"Damn that movie has the most realistic animation"

"Turuk Makto doesn't have to look up"

*This is a wrong definition with the wrong spelling of the word and wrong examples to support a wrong definition. You be misleading the peoples.

real example:
"OMG Toruk Makto "
"i are jake sully"
by ToytleMastahhh February 23, 2010
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