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Scale of 1-10 defining the urgency of the need to urinate. This is an exponential scale, meaning the further you progress through the scale the faster the denominations increase. This frequently occurs when travelling into Canada's largest city by car at rush hour.

1 - Not needed
2 - Slight sensation the in the back of the mind
3 - Hmmm, think i have 30mins
4 - Ok, might need to go soon
5 - T-Minus 20 mins
6 - Ok seriously where did the last 10 minutes go
7 - Shit 4 minutes
8 - Ok guys this isn't funny
9 - Fuck there's no way out
10 - Acceptance...anyone got a towel
--Hey Man, I think i need a piss

--How bad is it?

--About a 7 on the Toronto scale

--Oh shit, we've got 4 minutes!!!
by Number17 June 21, 2014
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