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Also known at a "Topie" weekend happens when anyone working in an office setting schedules either a Friday or Monday off to extend a weekend trip. They will generally schedule this time off as pre-approved Vacation time and then conveniently call in "sick" the day before or day after they are supposed to be back at work to extend their weekend.

Tope-Eloping is enjoyed by those office workers who just don't give a f*ck. More often then not, Tope-Elopers are repeat offenders.
Co-worker 1: "Where is "Amber" today, is she back from her trip?"
Co-worker 2: "Well she took Friday off and said she was going white water rafting this weekend so she probably decided to take a Tope-Elope know...a Topie"

Next day...

"Amber": "Good morning everyone!"
Co-worker 1: "Tope of the morning to YOU Amber!"
by J9B July 11, 2011
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