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A corny and irritating phrase that is usually spoken as a poor substitution for an intelligent remark. Although usually used in casual conversation during the warmer months of the year, some choose to use it, inappropriately, during the winter. Such blatantly incorrect usage and unoriginality should be a shore sine that you are talking to a, stupid Saab driving, child raping, job stealing, impotent, arrogant fuck up.
Mike: It's top down weather
Anyone with a brain: It clearly isn't. why would you say that, How are you so ignorant.
by Mike Degorgio September 25, 2005
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Top down weather means:

1. A statement meaning that the weather is nice enough to have the top of a convertible car down.

2. a statement that is obviously intended as being humorous, but sometimes stupid blonde bitches like to take it seriously and use it as a means to stupidly make fun of their ex-boyfriends.

(if someone says "it's top-down weather" when it's lightly snowing.... obviously they are joking...)
(30 degrees fahrenheit)
boyfriend: It's Top down weather.
girlfriend: Uh.... no it's not.
boyfriend: Obviously it isn't. Are you dumb?
*drives off*
by Temple Fugate December 04, 2005
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