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i.e. wrong! Give back a bit of what you have taken to get it and you might recicve the part of it your missing out on. Made by your self and not taken from others. Some things in life are better off as a success when they are made by your own hands. It gives a piece of your experience in life more credit than just plain street credit, loan credit, what yr donkie looks like credit, family credit...I hope you get what I'm sayin' You shouldn't judge who you should have protected and loved. If you love then do not judge to take away from others what doesn not belonge to you in the first place. It's all I'm sayin' A helping hand is a stronger mind. A takers hand is a hollow one in the end. No one has to ever lchoose to isten to this. It's just how I may think. People don't always agree. Heck they fight like cats and dogs over really rediculous stuff some times, but your family is your blood and to take from family is to suck their blood away from you dear. What is left when the blood is gone and you have your posetions?
Black Whole that will suck you in
Shame eventually
A Broken space in between you and true love-Family
Top dog means a "bad" fight to get what it wants. Some thing that belongs to some one else that middle hentch men had to be brought in as a team to steal from them. Some thing that God did not give you. Some thing you did not create with your own hands. Something that does not/ may not have belong to you that will be damaged more than your ego wants to admit to itself. No matter who a person is, that is who they will be, but taking love from them that was a bond is an entirly different matter all together. Do the right thing if you have a soul or you'll loose your self in hate.
by IHerdWhatUDeny2SEE!URMUM July 20, 2010
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